Barbera originates in Italy’s Piedmont, and arrived in Vipava in the 1960s and quickly became a ‘Vipava specialty”. It has a distinctive fruity character, light tannin and a slightly higher acidity and alcohol. It requires a perfect, sunny position and a small yield per vine - the only way to produce a real Barbera with its aromas of sour cherries, currants and berries. The taste is fresh, lively and rich with light prune and jam notes. Due to its light tannins and pronounced fruitiness it is delicious even if aged for only a short time in stainless steel. But with its higher alcohol and extract it can also developed nicely with some aging in oak barrels.

It merges beautifully with beef, venison, smoked meats and aged hard cheeses. 
Served at 14-16 °C.

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