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Zelen is an indigenous variety that grows only in the Vipava area and nowhere else. Zelen was the first mentioned and described in the renowned book, Vinoreja, in 1844. The author, Matija Vertovec (Vertovez), the first expert in viticulture and winemaking in Slovenia and one of the more educated individuals of his day, characterised the varietal among the "more noble" white varieties. Since its yield, compared with other varieties, is small and demanding to grow, it was on the verge of extinction. Zelen is named after its characteristic bright green leaves and very green grapes.

Zelen's typical aromas cannot be confused with any other. It's reminiscent of citrus and apples, with undertones of green herbs, particularly sage. As its aroma indicates, it is elegant and delicate on the palate, while rich and harmonious.

It's an exceptionally good accompaniment with fish, young cheeses and pastas
Served at 10-12° C

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