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Camp Saksida is at the beautiful junction of the Vipava Valley, the Karst, the Goriška Brda and the high mountain plateau at the north of the Vipava valley. The possibilities for bike trips are almost limitless. Here are some ideas for cycling around the area. You can do a cycling trip on your own or join a tour with our qualified bike guide. Guided bike tour is an attractive and worry-free experience of the Vipava valley!!

The Vipava river bike tour
Less busy side roads and gravel roads lead you along the Vipava River throughout the Vipava valley! This trip is also suitable for families, since the route is mostly flat. A great all day trip with many refreshments along the Vipava river and interesting places to see along the way.

Distance: 45km
Altitude difference: 400m
Terrain type: tarmac and gravel roads
Type of bike: trekking, gravel, MTB, E-bike

Vitovlje - a source of mysterious energy
Due to its steep incline, this exceptionally picturesque cycling tour is suitable for better prepared cyclists, and is accessible to almost everyone by e-bikes! Vitovlje opens one of the most beautiful views over the Vipava valley. On a beautiful sunny day you may even see all the way to Venice!

Distance: 25km
Altitude difference: 700m
Terrain types: tarmac and gravel roads, forest trail
Type of bike: E-bike, MTB

The Karst loop with Štanjel old town
Meet the old town of Štanjel! Cycle through a beautiful green valley and climb to beautiful Karst hilltop village. Meet the wild side of Karst landscape on the way through tiny countryside villages, known for its tradition of drying Karst prosciutto! On the way back to Camp Saksida, you may also visit Rihemberk Castle above the village of Branik. This tour is of medium difficulty, you`ll need a good pair of legs or an E-bike to really enjoy it!

Distance: 35 km
Altitude difference: 450m
Terrain type: asphalt and macadam, forest trail
Type of bike: MTB, E-bike, Trekking, Gravel

Gorizia hills and emerald Soca river
A real road cycling gem!!! If you`re riding a road bike, the tour of choice should be Gorizia hills! Great views, quality roads and little traffic! This micro-region is often called a Slovenian Tuscany and you are soon about to discover why. It`s hilly, it's amazingly beautiful and covered with vineyards! When leaving Gorizia hills behind, have a look at the emerald Soča river and the biggest single-stone-arch bridge in the world!

Distance: 76 km
Altitude difference: 880m
Terrain type: asphalt
Type of bike: Road bike, Trekking, E-bike

More detailed information on bike tours and trips can be found at Camp Saksida, where a qualified cycling guide is also available for consultations and basic bike repairs!.

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